The coronavirus has made a huge impact on our daily life. Life wont be the same again in the foreseeable future. This virus has sneaked up on us and changed our ways of being, changed our relationships, changed all we are comfortable with.

Our NHS has responded magnificently. Older, retired doctors and nurses are coming out of retirement and as they are mostly in the vulnerable groups, choosing to risk their lives on our behalves. Younger folk, barely out of college, a group we so often criticise, are risking their lives. The government are doing their best but we are now paying the price of years of underfunding of NHS in favour of business growth.

We closed our centre a few weeks go but our committed tutors are now ready to resume courses by ZOOM. They have been busy learning this in order to start up again. Now more than ever it is important to continue training counsellors and therapists. So many people will have lost loved ones, family members, friends and colleagues. Many will have nearly lost their own lives. Many will be suffering the trauma of envisaging their own deaths. Some will have ongoing health issues. Children too, will have lost parents, grandparents, aunts , uncles and cousin. They may have lost their best pal in school. Where I myself used to work, in special education, many children and young people will have been lost, or suffered loss. Many of us will worry we might catch the virus. Many of us will worry what the future will bring. As well as psychological consequences, there will be a physical impact for others and a financial impact for huge numbers of us, maybe changes of job, houses, even relationships.

For such reasons it is important we reopen and be as flexible as we can. Supporting the community as we try to make sense of this and return our lives to “normal” is now the focus of our training. We are proud to say we have two classes about to graduate who are ready to go out and support those whose mental health may need supporting. We have another two classes soon to be in their second year of training.

We are reopening our classes and we welcome those who would wish to train as counsellors and cognitive behavioural therapist in the future. If you wish to join our community please contact us for further information.

We also owe a big thank you to those counsellors and therapists currently supporting those of you who are struggling through these difficult times. We are open to help though it may be by Zoom or Skype for the foreseeable future.

Of course, thank you in particular to all those who are currently working in the nhs, care, fire, police, transport, teachers and all essential workers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts