Professional Life Coaching

Our one-to-one life coaching services will help you to develop and realise your personal goals

Life Coaching at Glasgow Cognitive Therapy

Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre provides discrete one-to-one life coaching services to help you develop and realise your personal goals.

Throughout your life coaching sessions, your professional life coach will enable you to focus on the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and explore what you want from life.

Through discussing your objectives and existing challenges, our fully-trained life coaches will help you to develop ways to successfully move forward towards your goals and reach your ambitions.

Our professional life coaching services involve your coach questioning and challenging you so that you can see your way to your goal, and take action to implement it.

Common reasons for using life coaching services

At the Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre, provide life coaching services to people for various reasons. Despite this, we often help people who want to:

• Improve or change their career
• Become healthier, and improve their well-being and fitness
• Improve their self-esteem and self-confidence
• Create a better work-life and home-life balance
• Change the direction of their lives

The benefits of life coaching services

Professional life coaching provides several benefits to your emotional health and well-being, acting as a catalyst for positive change.

Through our experience, life coaching will not only give you clarity about what you want from life, it’ll also help you increase your confidence and insecurities as you act on your new strategies for achieving your goals.

If you often find yourself with limiting beliefs, where you constantly think about what you can’t do, how and why you can’t do it and only thinking of the worst scenarios, you will often suffer from low confidence and various insecurities.

Our life coaching sessions will help you to identify these limiting thoughts and overcome them by enacting the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Our life coaches will work with you to help you replace these limiting beliefs with positive thoughts throughout your coaching sessions.

For more information about our life coaching services and to find out whether they’re suitable for you, please call us today on 0141 332 0229 or contact us online.

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