We offer a wide range of Therapy Services

The Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre is home to a wide range of Therapy Services for:


Individual CBT sessions usually last for 50 minutes.  Self financing clients will pay between £20 and £70 depending on the individual therapist chosen.

(£20 for a trainee therapist, £40 for a recently graduated therapist and £70 for a more experienced therapist). 


Some people like to have their treatment in group. It is comforting to know that other people have similar issues. This is also an economical option. A typical group will run for 10 sessions of 2 hours costing £20-£25 per session.


Some organisations may send staff or clients for treatment.  The cost of these sessions will be agreed with the referring organisations and will cost between £50 and £90. The cost of assessments and reports will be agreed depending on what detail is required.

Cognitive Therapy can be effective for many issues, including* :

Anxiety Depression
Stress Phobia
Anger Issues Eating Disorders
Relationship Issues Work/professional Issues

*We will also work with issue like Aspergers Syndrome, ASD, PTSD, OCD,  IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Addictions, Sleep problems, Bi polar Disorder Self esteem and confidence issues, Somatisation, Chronic Pain, Travel anxiety and Social Anxiety.

Qualified Accredited Therapists

Our qualified Therapists are available for both daytime and evening appointments. Treatment sessions are for one hour and cost between £40- £70 per hour. Contact us for an informal chat about booking an appointment.

Trainee Therapists

As we are a training organisation, our students develop their therapy skills during their time with us.

We are therefore able to offer a trainee therapy service which is beneficial both for the trainees, and for those who may prefer a more economical alternative.

Cost of treatment is £20 per session.

Find out more information on our Therapy Services in our FAQ