Dogs in the office

Here at the Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre we are all big dog lovers and sometimes you may catch a glimpse of a Border Collie named Flossie or a Shih Tzu named Bailey in the office. (Please note: We unfortunately do not have any licensed therapy pets РFlossie and Bailey are very calming but are just very beloved, well behaved dogs who are occasionally brought into the office. We would happily work with anybody that had a therapy pet Рso please get in touch if you have one.)

Though Flossie and Bailey sightings are rare. Dogs are trained to help in all capacities of life, from rescue dogs, to guide dogs and a more recent addition is therapy dogs.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are becoming increasingly popular, whether they are brought routinely into retirement homes to spend time with the residents or to help people who have anxiety and or phobias to be able to carry on with their normal routine.

Dogs are man’s best friend after all, so why shouldn’t they be therapeutic like a friend always there to support you during hard times.

When I stumbled upon this article on Cesar Millan’s website (the dog expert) about why we should live more like dogs, I thought it was worth sharing as it is not often you see a sad dog, and if you do the moment is usually when they are using their big eyes to wrangle some food out of you.


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