Therapy and Training Room Hire

Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre - the ideal location

We offer the ideal facility

Many Therapists find hiring a room on a certain day for a set period of time a much more economical solution to hiring a premises.

We provide therapy and training room hire in professional and comfortable surroundings tailored specifically for therapeutic treatment.

Therapy Rooms

Therapy rooms can be booked from £15 per hour.

Email us to book.

Training Rooms

Training Room Fee
Training Room 1 (holds up to 40) £175 (+VAT) for a full day; £95 (+VAT) for half a day
Training Room 2 (holds up to 20) £125 (+VAT) for a full day; £75 (+VAT) for half day

Training Event Service

If you are a trainer looking to hold an event without the stress of setup, advertising and bookings, then why not find out about our Training Event Service – the easiest way to hold your course!

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