Therapy and Training Room Hire

Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre - the ideal location

We offer the ideal facility

Many Therapists find hiring a room on a certain day for a set period of time a much more economical solution to hiring a premises.

We provide therapy and training room hire in Glasgow for professional and comfortable surroundings tailored specifically for therapeutic treatment.

Four Therapy Rooms

We have four Therapy Rooms which can be booked from £15.00 per hour.

Training Room One

Holds up to 40

£175.00 (full day)

£95.00 (half day)

Training Room Two

Holds up to 20

£125.00 (full day)

£75.00 (half day)

Training Event Service

If you are a trainer looking to hold an event without the stress of setup, advertising and bookings, then why not find out about our Training Event Service – the easiest way to hold your course!