Private and Personal CBT Therapy

Private and confidental Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is available for individuals and couples
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The Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre offer private personal therapy for individuals and couples.

You can self-refer and we can normally arrange your first consultation within a few days.

As a training organisation, we can offer a tiered system of therapists

  • An accredited or experienced therapist for £70.00 per session
  • A recently graduated therapist for £45.00 per session
  • A trainee therapist currently on our DipCBT programme for £20.00 per session

All therapy sessions last 50 minutes and the first meeting would involve an assessment of your circumstances to help establish if CBT would indeed be a useful and appropriate approach for you to engage in.

Thereafter you would mutually agree with your therapist on how to progress your therapy sessions.

What Cognitive Behavioural Therapy offers

As a therapy, CBT is an evidence-based approach that has been proven to work effectively in overcoming problems and challenging situations in the here and now.

CBT works particularly well with symptoms of low mood, anxiety and reduced self-esteem helping people like you make links between their thinking, emotions and behaviours in a more helpful response to challenging situations.

How many sessions will you have?

CBT takes a focused and structured problem-solving approach in working towards, what will be, your therapeutic goals.

It is generally a short-term treatment that can last between 5 and 20 sessions depending upon the presenting problem.

Boundaries and expectations

It is important that you feel safe and supported during therapy and it is also important your confidentiality is respected.

We will work collaboratively to set realistic therapeutic goals which we will evaluate on a session-by-session basis.

As part of the therapeutic process, we would expect you to engage in pre-agreed homework tasks between sessions, to help you test out and evaluate the new skills you are learning.

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