The COSCA Counselling Supervision Certificate Course for Supervisors and Supervisees is delivered in two parts:

  • Part (i), the Certificate in Counselling Supervision Skills, is designed for those who complete the 12 Units of the course
  • Part (ii), the Certificate in Counselling Supervision, is designed for those who complete the 12 Units of the course and additional elements including a case study based on working as a supervisor.

The course is aimed at counselling practitioners or counselling skills users with no less than the successful completion of the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate as their training. It is designed to stimulate the less experienced practitioner into a better understanding and use of supervision, as well as to provide a significant first step for the longer training and more experienced practitioner in their role as supervisors.

Start date:

Monday 17th September 2018 – 6pm-9pm – for all dates of the course click here.

Course fees:
The cost of the entire programme is £600 (inc VAT). Fees can be repaid by a pre-agreed payment plan if required.

Attendance requirement:

The minimum attendance is 11 out of 12 units to be considered for certification. Please note that Units 11 and 12 MUST be attended by those wishing to complete the Certificate in Counselling Supervision.