The COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills is an ideal training programme for who work in health, social scare, education or related mental health fields. It may benefit nurses, teachers, social and care workers, police and anyone who works where communication skills are valued.  As well as knowledge the course focuses on  interpersonal and communication skills,  listening skills, self awareness, and ethics. Many employers consider it valuable CPD and often there are enhanced promotion prospects as the individual learns to grown in awareness and confidence.

For many, this course is life changing and life enhancing.

The course consists of four module, each of thirty hours. It is formally credit rated at Level 8, 40 credits.

It is also a course that provides entry to a career as a cognitive behavioural therapist. On successful completion of the COSCA certificate you will be eligible to apply for a place on the sought after Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Course  which qualifies you as a cognitive and behavioural therapist.

If you are interested in pursuing this course, please contact us on 0141 332 0229 for an application or download it from our website

While it is primarily aimed at individuals, we are also able to deliver the course in house for organisations.