A new course starts on Monday the 2nd of September 6-9.

This Course offer The COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate.

• Provides a COSCA certificated 120 hour training programme in
counselling skill.
• Is delivered over 4 Modules of 30 hours each.
Contains four strands: skills, knowledge, self-awareness and ethics.

There is a growing awareness that counselling skills can enhance performance in various
inter-personal contexts that require people’s voices to be heard including.

• nursing, teaching and social work contexts
• personnel work
• welfare services
• staff development and appraisal
• management relations
• residential and non-residential care
• befriending, mentoring, advocacy, mediation.

There is £402.00 available through SASS funding for this course.

Call 0141  332 0229 or email admin@glasgowcognitivetherapycentre.com