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Cognitive Behavioural Interventions
This course is intended to provide an introduction to  cognitive behavioural therapy. It leads to a Certificate in Cognitive behavioural Interventions that is credit rated at Level 9 . It does not allow you to practice as a CBT therapist but rather is intended for those who would like to have an understanding cognitive behavioural  techniques and skills that could be applied in a professional skills.  For this it is particularly useful for teachers, doctors, dentist, nurses and even parents.  The course consists of three modules and there are some practical skills needing evidenced.
The course will start on 2nd June and will run all day on a Tuesday for 20 Tuesdays. A timetable is available. It is essentially a face to face course but it will be delivered by Zoom in we are still in lockdown or require to meet guidelines re social distancing. The cost of this course is £1750 but there may be a small amount of funding available for low earners.
Please contact the us if you would like more information.