GCTC Business Club

GCTC have recently launched their Business Club for alumni students of their SQA Approved Centre.

What is the Business Club?

The Business Club is an informal meeting place for recently qualified Therapists to learn from, and share, their experiences in setting up their own businesses. 

There are many aspects of developing a therapy business which require forethought and planning, and the GCTC Business Club can help you to grow your business, avoiding many of the mistakes that first time Therapy business owners make.

  • Researching/Marketing your Business
  • Setting up Offices – home or away?
  • NIC/TAX and Inland Revenue
  • Health and Safety
  • Administration/Organisation
  • The Self-employed Therapist Mindset
  • Maintaining Business – word of mouth
  • Being online – websites & social media

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

The GCTC Team

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