Why the Guilt?

It was a long summer and I never put an update to say we got back to our offices in Douglas Street a few months ago.

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Credit is worth the rate!

Our Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions (CertCBI) and Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (DipCBT) are now (drum roll, please) credit rated

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New Year! New Us!

2017 is going to be an exciting year at the GCTC. And not just because this is the year I am sticking to my new years’ resolution of getting my much desired chocolate Labrador, Samson.

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Follow us on Instagram!

We are on Instagram! I can hear you asking yourself, “What would a CBT Centre possibly have to post on Instagram?!” The answer, pictures of animals and occasionally a photo of cakes.

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The Power of Dogs

Here at the Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre we are all big dog lovers and sometimes you may catch a glimpse of a Border Collie named Flossie in the office.

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Mind Your Eating: An Introduction

Following on from the principles of the Understanding Your Eating Programme, explore eating behaviours. Are your eating behaviours a coping mechanism to deal with feelings?

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Welcome to our blog

Hi and welcome to our Blog. Whether you are interested in training to become a Therapist, or are simply curious about Therapy, we are sure you’ll find something in here for you.

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Considering Studying as a Therapist?

Find out more about becoming a therapist. Why not come along to one of our taster sessions.

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